Japanese Voice Actor
Full Name Yūko Gotō
Gender Female
Born August 28, 1975
Character(s) Anya Alstreim, Mutsuki Minase, Monica Krushevsky

Yūko Gotō (後藤 邑子 Gotō Yūko?, born August 28, 1975) is a Japanese voice actress who was contracted to Production BAOBAB and is now signed to Axl-One. In direct contrast to her cute-and-vulnerable moé typecasting, Yūko in real life is a devotee of biker culture who dresses and acts as such when not working, right down to her motorcycle. This is parodied in the 23rd episode of Lucky Star, in which she appears as a masculine Bōsōzoku-styled caricature of herself called Gotouza.

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