Vincent Command Type

Guilford Vincent

Technical Specifications

Model Number


Overall Height


Gross Weight



Holy Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire

KMF Generation


Developed from


Developed into

Vincent Ward



Cockpit Ejection System
Factsphere Sensors
Landspinner Propulsion System
Optional Float Unit



2x Lance-Type Maser Vibration Swords
2x Elbow-mounted Needle Blazers
2x Hip-mounted Slash Harkens


1x Assault Rifle



Operation Pacific Ocean Ambush (first)
The Grip of Damocles (last)

Known Pilots

Gilbert G.P. Guilford
Luciano Bradley
Marika Soresi
Liliana Vergamon
Royal Guard

Following the production of the RPI-212 Vincent testbed, the Holy Britannian Empire creates an enhanced model for commanders known as the Vincent Commander Model. This version, designated the A-type, features improved avionics and shielding against ECM and Gefjun Disturbers, but is otherwise identical to the pre-production model. Data from the commander type is later used to produce the final mass production model, the RPI-212B Vincent Ward. Commander units are painted metallic white with purple accents like the one piloted by Gilbert G.P. Guilford when he attempts to thwart the Black Knights' plan to kidnap Area 11's new Viceroy. Other units are used by special teams assigned to Luciano Bradley, the Knight of Ten, as well as Monica Krushevsky, the Knight of Twelve.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

As the Vincent Commander Model is derived from the Lancelot and data from the Vincent prototype, its design still differs greatly from its predecessor. The Vincent Commmander Model has two Factspheres mounted in its shoulders, and two hip-mounted Slash Harkens. Its Maser Vibration Swords (MVS) are shaped like spears and can be attached at the hilts to form a double-bladed lance. It also features the same armament as the Vincent called the Needle Blazer. This device, developed from the Lancelot's "Blaze Luminous" maser shield, emits a short-range blast of focused energy that can penetrate armor with devastating effect. The Commander Model are also equipped with a second set of Landspinners in its shoulders in addition to the standard issue. It can be fit with an optional Float Unit backpack, consequentially changing the machine designation to RPI-212AFA Vincent Commander Model Air.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Vincent Commander Model was the production version of the prototype produced in small numbers. The most common version (silver and purple colored) is known to have been piloted by Gilbert G.P. Guilford, (Who lost the first one in combat when Lelouch vi Britannia tried to kidnap Area 11's new Viceroy, Nunnally vi Britannia, and pilots another in later episodes), and was seen among Emperor Lelouch's forces during the battle of Mt. Fuji as well. Some other units (white and pink colored) are piloted by Marika Soresi and Liliana Vergamon as a part of the Valkyrie Squadron, under the command of Luciano Bradley, Knight of Ten. These units are destroyed by the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements. The Royal Guards are also equipped with Vincent Command units (green and gold colored) commanded by Monica Krushevsky, Knight of Twelve. These are ambushed and destroyed by a group of Sutherlands whose pilots were under the influence of Geass.

In Emperor Lelouch's army, the Vincent Commander Model fills the traditional role of the Gloucester, leading the mass-produced Vincent Wards into battle.

Specifications Edit

General Characteristics

Design Features


Optional Armaments

  • 1x Assault Rifle w/Grenade Launcher

Gallery Edit

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