I have put my stake on Lorenzo il Soresi. I am giving my everything to him!


Nicknames: Victoria of the Void

Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Red

Nationality: Britannian
Additional Information
Title: Knight of Eight
Rank: Knight of the Round
Occupation: Military Officer
Real World
First Appearance: Chapter 25
Last Appearance: Chapter 40
Other Info:
See Knights of the Round

Victoria of the Void is Knight of the Round and is the Knight of Eight. She fights with a whip sword and is powerful enough to defeat a Knightmare on her own.


VIctoria is a young girl possibly in her late teens with string yet slender figure. She has long blond hair that she keeps tied into twintails. When on duty she wears armor similar to what all Knights of the Round wore at the time.


Victoria is a proud warrior and ruthless in combat. She greatly wishes to see the divided Knights of the Round along with the rest of Britannia reunified back into one and as such, Victoria is extremely loyal to Lorenzo il Soresi and supports his goal of establishing order among the empire.

Character OutlineEdit

Victoria is the Knight of Eight during the year 1860.

Character HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Victoria's early life. She was born during the 19th Century and eventually became a Knight of the Round, serving as Knight of Eight during the year 1860. At this time the Holy Britannian Empire was divided in two disputing factions. She sided with "Pure Blood" faction under Lorenzo il Soresi supporting his efforts to see Britannia united back under one banner.


Victoria's abilities and her appearance are nearly identical to Alice from Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally, suggesting that Victoria may possibly be her ancestor.



Succession and PrecedenceEdit

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