VTOL Gunship


VTOL Gunship


Aerial Combat Aircraft


Holy Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Float System


Single Ventral Cannon
2x Rocket Pods

Number of Crew



Britannian Soldiers

The VTOL Gunship (VTOL ガンシップ, VTOL Ganshippu) are aircraft designed for close support of ground units and aerial combat. They are manufactured and used by the Holy Britannian Empire and even the Chinese Federation have their own version of Gunship. They appear regularly in the anime and manga.


It's armed with a ventral cannon as standard, along with at least two hard-points on the wings, which generally carry rocket pods. Due to the absence of Jets in the series. The Gunship are usually seen providing air support to the ground forces or used to chase down enemy from above. In the manga the Gunship replaces the Knightmare Frame role and act as Suzaku main form of weapon in combating terrorists, replacing the Lancelot role in the anime series.

List of CommanderEdit


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