• I live in My refrigirator
  • My occupation is Brontophobic Sadist
  • SsorceniviD


    September 28, 2010 by SsorceniviD

    Hi, I need people to help out in my wiki. It has over 250 articles, but it really needs help, exposure, and contributors. The name of the wiki is Fushigi Yuugi Wikia, and if there's anyone who can lend a hand, please do.


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  • SsorceniviD

    Another Wiki

    September 11, 2010 by SsorceniviD

    Umm, is there anyone here who can help me out with my wiki? I really need alot of contributors. IF anyone of you here can help us out, please go here: htttp:// or leave a message on my talk page. The wiki isn't new, but it already has 200+ articles. But it really needs a bunch of contributors. So anyone?

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