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  • Guldir

    Geass and Code

    February 28, 2017 by Guldir

    This is probably something that's been asked before multilpe times before but since I am new here and curious I wish to pose questions

    1. Why are C.C and V.V described with having Imoortality as their Geass but in other pages mentioning them they are said to have Code but Code doen't have a page dedicated to it?

    2. If you had to choose between Code and Geass which would you choose, what color would your Geass be along with what would the Geass be and if it was possible would you have both Code and Geass?

    3. A follow to question 2, if you chose Code would you give out Geass and if you choose yes would it be to help those you think deserve it or to one day find someone strong enough to kill you

    4. Another follow up to question 2, if you chose Ge…

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