I figured this all out today in chemistry class...(this is after jeremiah joins zero)


C2- Queen- i mean...duh, she is by his side, and has the power to do anything but lets other do it

Bishop1: rollo- he is lelouch's protector

Bishop2: sayoko - lelouches double

Kinght1: Kallen/Guran Mark- at this point she is basically as strong as the knight of 1 so yeah she is cool

Knight2: Tohdo and holy swords- probably equal to knights of the round (possibly)

rook1: jeremiah- badass and useful

rook2:veletta- if she isnt being a traitor she is pretty helpful

and for the other side!

King of Britania: King

V2: (taken) queen ( get it)- basically like C2

bishop1: Nunnally- as in she is protective from zero for the king, not in actual fighting ability

bishop2: Scheizel

knight1: Kinight of 1

Knight2: Suzaku/ knights of the round- suzaku is supposedly the best one, so he gets the title, and they are like pawns or something

rook1: Guilford (after cornelia quits)(taken)- before zero messes him up he is good ass general

rook2: Cornelia (taken peice)- really good at fighting, too bad she quit!

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