Tristan Divider

Tristan Divider - Swords

Technical Specifications

Overall Height

5.45 metres

Gross Weight

9.55 metric tonnes

Power Source

Rakshata Chawla and her team


The Order of the Black Knights
United Federation of Nations

Developed from







2x Machine-Guns (Fortress-Mode only)


Known Pilots

Gino Weinberg

Following Gino's defeat by Suzaku, the Tristan is rebuilt by Rakshata's team and named the "Tristan Divider" (トリスタン・ディバイダー, Torisutan Dibaidā).

Design and SpecificationsEdit

Instead of using Britannian Float System,it features a Black Knights' model Air Glide System, a redesigned head unit similar to the Galahad, with longer red horns. The MVS Polearms are replaced with the two severed halves of the Galahad's Excalibur that has been repaired into two swords. And like its predecessor, it has access to a fortress mode.

Operational HistoryEdit

It is used by Gino to assault Damocles and to defeat Lelouch's Shinkirō, but it is quickly bested by Suzaku's Lancelot Albion, severed in half at the waist. Despite its condition, Gino manages to rescue Kallen from free-fall in her damaged Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight-Elements Type after it was nearly-destroyed by Suzaku and his Lancelot Albion.

Specifications Edit

Tristan Divider - Line Art
General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x "Excalibur" Maser Vibration Swords
  • 2x Arm-mounted Slash Harkens (スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken)
  • 1x Energy Cannon (formed from Slash Harkens) (wasn't seen in the anime)
  • 2x Machine-Guns (Fortress-Mode only)

Gallery Edit

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