Toromo Agency
Leader(s) Schneizel el Britannia
Headquarters Damocles
Locations Cambodia
Historical Information
Dissolution a.t.b. 2018
Notable Members
Kanon Maldini

The Toromo Agency is a research organization of Britannia that is situated in Cambodia, led by Schneizel el Britannia. Following the death of Emperor Charles zi Britannia, Schneizel el Britannia along with those loyal to him were hidden in Cambodia by the Toromo Agency. After Lelouch vi Britannia's ascension to the throne, they severed their relation with the Empire and became traitors. Under Schneizel, they were able to mass-produce the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb as well as create the Aerial Fortress Damocles and unknown what happen to them after Lelouch's had won from the Battle of Mt. Fuji for he geassed his half brother Schneizel to handed over the Damocles to him also to shut down the self destruct system, maybe they had been assaulted and slaughtered in Cambodia by Lelouch as emperor for the same way he did the Assault on the Geass Order from Schneizel was under Lelouch's geass and he forced handed them over to him for he revealed their whereabout to him.