Chapter 01
"The Wyvern Arrives"
Original Air Date August 4, 2012
Written by Kazuki Akane, Miya Asakawa
Directed by Kazuki Akane
Episode Chronology
Zero The Wyvern Divided

The Wyvern Arrives is the first episode of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.


In 2010 a.t.b., the Holy Britannian Empire, while continuing its longstanding conflict with the E.U., suddenly invaded the eastern nation of Japan and renamed it Area 11. As a result of this, the Japanese in all other parts of the world were given the fate of exiles as Elevens as well.

After seven years, the continuously disadvantaged E.U. army gathers Elevens that are not formal citizens and establishes the “W-0” Unit for the sake of facing the enemy in dangerous operations with extremely low survival rates.

The E.U. Army’s 132nd Regiment fails in recapturing St. Petersburg, and becomes surrounded by the Britannian Army in the city of Narva. The W-0 Unit is handed the order to undertake the Narva withdrawal operation for the sake of rescuing them. Akito Hyuuga also heads to the battlefield and pilots the W-0’s Knightmare Frame, the Alexander. Anou, the commander of the W-0, plans to protect the 132nd Regiment by sacrificing Akito and the other Eleven soldiers. However, the mistake of that plan was clear to anyone’s eyes. At that time, Anou’s adjutant, Leila Malcal…And so, will Akito be able to survive on the cruel battlefield?

Akito Hyuuga was on the worst battlefield.

The Narva withdrawal strategy, for the sake of rescuing the Europia United’s (E.U.) 132nd Regiment which was surrounded by the Britannian Army

The self-destruct system which had been installed in the Alexander Knightmare Frames, and the comrades who die due to the incompetent commander of the W-0 who depends on kamikaze runs.

Akito unfolds an aimless battle that ends on this battlefield of adversity.

And when everyone expected the annihilation of the unit, the W-0 Unit’s staff officer Leila Malcal moves…

Their homeland Japan, which was occupied by Britannia and renamed “Area 11”.

The aftereffects of that are received, and many Japanese living in E.U. territory were housed in internment/refugee camps.

The only path that remained for Akito was to continue fighting for the sake of living in the land of the E.U. while being despised as an Eleven.

By sharpening himself like a knife, Akito survives every day. However, he wasn’t the only Eleven who hadn’t lost his fangs and continued to fight for the sake living. The group led by Ryo Sayama commences a certain plan in order to win their freedom.

As various expectations swirl around, will Akito be able to survive in the E.U.?


Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Knightmare Frames in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Alexander
  2. Sutherland (Knights of St. Raphael)
  3. Gloucester (Knights of St. Raphael)
  4. Panzer-Hummel
  5. Glasgow
  6. Gardmare


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