The Black Knights was the largest and most powerful Terrorist organization in Japan and the world.

Terrorism in Code Geass is not that much different compared to the real world except that they are usually interpreted as Resistance to Britannian Occupation.

Terrorism in Code GeassEdit

As stated above Terrorism in Code Geass is more seen as a Resistance against the Britannian Empire Terrorism also serve as the story narrative. Zero/Lelouch is the first main character to be branded as a terrorist after it is revealed the he murdered his brother the Third Prince Clovis, Viceroy of Area 11 at the time of his death. The Black Knights are branded terrorists by the press at first because they used tactics like bombing, gunning down sellers of Refrain, and attacking the Britannian Military. Towards the end of the story, the Black Knights as an organization are really no longer considered to be terrorists, rather they are called freedom fighters, fighting against the "evil" emperor Lelouch, the man that was once their leader as Zero.

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For more information see: Terrorism

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