Talia (多利亜, Taria) is a character in the Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya manga.

Character OutlineEdit


Talia as a Knightmare

Talia is Esteban's fiancee. It was believed that she was kidnapped by Aaron five years beforehand and at some point made into a Nightmare by Dash, and in the process stole her past memories and ability to speak. However it is later revealed that she met Dash and attempted to make a contract. She wished for the power of destruction. Dash warned her that she might lose herself if her will was not strong enough. After transforming into a Knightmare Frame, Dash handed her over to Aaron where she served him. When Esteban with Claire li Britannia's group confront Aaron in the hope of rescuing Misuzu, she attacks the group, wounding Esteban. Aaron commands her to attack Dash before he flees. Her hand starts to rot as she strangles him. Aaron finally commands her to kill Esteban as he tries to get away by horseback. Instead, she regains some of her former self and impales Aaron as she and Esteban ride over the cliff, presumably sacrificing themselves in the triggered explosion while affirming their love for one another.

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