Sutherland Eye

Technical Specifications


Holy Britannian Empire




Known Pilots

Sokkia Sherpa

The Sutherland Eye (サザーランド・アイ, Sazārando Ai) is an experimental Knightmare Frame that is assigned to the Glinda Knights along with the Zetland. Its pilot is Sokkia Sherpa.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

The Sutherland Eye is Sutherland whose electronic equipment has been enhanced in order to search for enemies and to improve its command capabilities. By combining its Factsphere, which can independently detect sound waves and electromagnetic waves over a wide bandwidth, with its advanced calculation-and-processing system, it can grasp the battlefield situation in three dimensions. It is equipped with the experimental VARIS Rifle, with the purpose of eventually putting it into mass-production in mind, and a Schrötter Steel knife attached to its left wrist. However, since the traditional Energy Filler does not possess enough energy for the VARIS by itself, it has an Yggdrasil Drive on its exterior, in the form of a spherical attachment to its left shoulder.


Sutherland Eye
General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • Chaos Mine(s) (ケイオス爆雷, Keiosu Bakurai, lit. Chaos depth charge) (carried in its hips)
  • 1x experimental VARIS rifle (ヴァリス, Varisu)
  • 1x left wrist-mounted Schrötter Steel knife


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