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Sutherland 3

Technical Specifications

Overall Height

4.39 meters

Gross Weight

7.48 metric tones


Holy Britannian Empire


Sutherland Club
Sutherland Glinda
Sutherland Pluton Custom
Sutherland Sniper
Sutherland Eye



Cockpit Ejection System
Factsphere Sensor
Optional Float System



2x Elbow-mounted Stun Tonfas
1x Assault Rifle



The Day a New Demon was Born - Re;

Known Pilots

Jeremiah Gottwald
Villetta Nu
Lelouch Lamperouge
Kaname Ohgi
Shinichirō Tamaki
Kewell Soresi
Kento Sugiyama
Yoshitaka Minami
Rolo Lamperouge
Cecile Croomy

The Sutherland (サザーランド, Sazārando) was designed and developed after the conquest of Japan/Area 11, the RPI-13 Sutherland is in many ways a refinement of its predecessor, the RPI-11 Glasgow. Though it's an advanced and effective design, much of the Glasgow's success comes from Britannia's overwhelming numerical and economical superiority to Japan. Further, the Glasgow is designed primarily to combat tanks and other "traditional" ground combat machines; this proves to be a liability, as its own success means that nations such as the Chinese Federation and EU began seriously pursuing Knightmare design. Thus, the Sutherland is created with the possibility of battles with other Knightmares in mind. Its design was later used as a basis for the RPI-209 Gloucester, a higher performance Anti-Knightmare Unit. A number of these Knightmare Frames were in the hands of the Black Knights, as well as a number of other resistance groups, during the first season, by means of theft or defection. Despite being overshadowed by the Gloucester, the Sutherland is still used in large numbers one year after the Black Rebellion.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

The Sutherland features a redesigned, simplified cockpit system with improved life support and enhanced Landspinners, refined for higher speed and efficiency. Even though many of these improvements were passed back to the aging Glasgow in the form of upgrades, the Sutherland eventually replaced it as Britannia's main battle unit. It can be fit with an optional Float Unit backpack, consequentially changing the machine designation to RPI-13FA Sutherland Air (サザーランド・エア, Sazārando ea). Following his defection to Zero's side, disgraced Britannian noble Jeremiah Gottwald uses a Sutherland fitted with an air glide wing unit and Black Knights weapons in service of his young lord.


Sutherland AirEdit

In a.t.b. 2017, Knightmare developer Lloyd Asplund creates an experimental Knightmare Frame known as the Sutherland Air that incorporates several technologies developed for the Lancelot, including Blaze Luminous particle shields. It is distinguished from other Sutherland Airs by its light gray armor with light orange parts. Cecile Croomy makes use of this heavily modified Sutherland in a rescue operation during Black Rebellion, when the Avalon and its crew help evacuate students from an occupied Ashford Academy.

Sutherland Glinda (Color)

RPI-13/G Sutherland Glinda

Sutherland GlindaEdit

The RPI-13/G Sutherland Glinda is a variant of the Sutherland that appears in the manga and photo story, Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. The Sutherland Glinda is a mass production unit used as the main Knightmare Frame force of the Glinda Knights, and is piloted by Sokia Scerpa, Leonhard Steiner and Tink Rockheart. Each one is equipped with specific armaments that correspond to the fighting style of each respective pilot. During his battle against Jeremiah, Lyre also uses a Sutherland Glina against Jeremiah's Sutherland since the Vincent Gram was being overhauled.

Sutherland Pluton CustomEdit

Sutherland Pluton Custom (Color)

Sutherland Pluton Custom

The RPI-13/PC Sutherland Pluton is a variant of the Sutherland that appears in the manga and photo story, Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. It is used exclusively by the Britannian special forces group, “Pluton”, which undertakes dirty jobs for the royal family. Since its interior frame and OS has been customized, it is more highly efficient than the regular Sutherland, although it possesses the same armaments. To distinguish it from regular Sutherlands, it has completely black armor along with purple shoulder armor and face-plate. One of them was piloted by Pluton member Cerberus, and was incapacitated by Orpheus in a custom Glasgow at a ruined village in southern Hungary.

Sutherland Sniper (from Prologue)

Sutherland Sniper

Sutherland SniperEdit

The Sutherland Sniper is a variant of the Sutherland that appears in the manga and photo story, Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. Its main weapon is a modified rifle that fires a Hadron Cannon, along with a stylized shield in the shape of the Britannian crest. The currently only known unit shown so far is piloted by General Johann Schwarzer of the Glinda Knights.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Sutherland Akito

Technical Specifications


Holy Britannian Empire


Sutherland Club
Sutherland Glinda




Code Geass: Akito the ExiledEdit

The Sutherland is a fifth generation Knightmare Frame, like the one from the original series, that was developed from the Glasgow with improved mobility. The ones used by the Knights of Raphael are silver with purple/blue trims while the St. Michael knights are white and red. The main army retain the purple colour scheme though now with a small red and blach checkerboard design on the chest, knee, and ankle armors. [1][2][3] The St. Michael Knights' Sutherlands are also armed with extendible battle axes mounted on their left arms.

Specification Edit

Sutherland - Line Art - Purist Faction
General Characteristics

Design Features


Optional Armaments

  • 1x Assault Rifle (アサルトライフル, Asarutoraifuru) (Commonly-used weapon)
  • 2x Elbow-mounted Stun Tonfas (スタントンファ, Sutantonfā) (Commonly-used weapon, mainly among the Purist Faction's Sutherlands)
  • 1x Jousting Lance (Commonly-used weapon)
  • 2x Shoulder-mounted "Sattel Waffen" (Saddle Weapon) Missile Launchers (Located on each side of the cockpit) (Seen in The Collapsing Stage (episode), Zero (episode) and Schneizel's Guise (episode))
  • 1x Giant Cannon (大型キャノン, Oogata Kyanon)
  • 1x Torso-mounted Antipersonnel Machine Gun
  • Chaos Mine(s) (ケイオス爆雷, Keiosu Bakurai, lit. Chaos depth charge) (carried in its hips)
  • Stun Gun(s) (スタンガン, Sutangan) (LEAST-used weapon)
  • 1x Battle Axe (St. Michael Knights)

Gallery Edit


"We pledge to the spirits of founding fathers And the Glory of the realm our mother That we shall be the shields which defend our homeland And the halberds which smite those who would harm us" - Sutherland start-up interface.


  • The Sutherland is named after Sutherland in Scottland.


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