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The Special Administrative Zone of Japan (Gyousei Tokku Nippon) is a conceptual Britannian puppet state where Elevens are in name reverted to "citizens of Japan" and restored a number of rights and privileges denied to them as colonial subjects. It was originally to be situated in Sector F-208. Its foundation was proposed and attempted by both Sub-Viceroy Euphemia li Britannia and Viceroy Nunnally vi Britannia, but neither instance was met with success. Euphemia's attempt ended in a bloody massacre followed by an open rebellion, while Nunnally's attempt saw all one million Japanese participants exiled. The Special Administrative Zone of Japan was guarded by patriotic Britannians piloting Knightmares and was based in the stadium near Mount Fuji. Following the incident in which Lelouch vi Britannia accidentally ordered Euphemia li Britannia to kill all Japanese as a result of Geass becoming uncontrollable,Euphemia li Britannia ordered all Britannian Military to kill all Elevens, causing Zero to shoot her with the needle gun that he intended to be used on him as part of a plot to cause riots. Following the death of Euphemia, Zero then gives a motivational speech saying how Euphemia was an example of Britannian hypocrisy, despite the fact that Euphemia ordered the massacre of innocent Japanese due to an accidental use of Geass.

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