The Special Administrative Zone of Japan (Gyousei Tokku Nippon) is a conceptual Britannian puppet state where Elevens are in name reverted to "citizens of Japan" and restored a number of rights and privileges denied to them as colonial subjects. It was originally to be situated in Sector F-208. Its foundation was proposed and attempted by both Sub-Viceroy Euphemia li Britannia and Viceroy Nunnally vi Britannia, but neither instance was met with success.

Background Edit

The foundation of Special Administrative Zone of Japan was proposed by Princess Euphemia in her announcement during the Ashford Academy festival. The foundation was made after Nunnally wished to "live together with Euphemia and Lelouch like they used to be".

Social Reforms Edit

While the right and privilege that was once stripped of Elevens after the invasion are returned to them. They are then once again able to call themselves "Japanese" and are equal to Britannians. Citizens may fly the Hinomaru flag once again alongside Britannian flag.

First Attempt Edit

The first attempt to establish the SAZ was made by Princess Euphemia, on her declaration at first Ashford school festival. Since its declaration, the concept was met by positive reception, especially by the Japanese. Over 200.000 people applied to join the Special Zone. While some Britannian citizens dislikes the idea, afraid that they would lose their special privilege.

Britannian politicians and aristocrats opinion are mixed regarding this proposal. While some see this against the empire's views, others see this as an opportunity to reduce rebels' popular support and bring order to the land (although Euphemia herself isn't aware of this).

Black Knights' members opinion are also mixed. While supporting them means submitting themselves, thus making them powerless, going against it also means going Black Knights' goals.

Lelouch, aware that the formation of the Special Zone would weaken them and seeing this deviated from his plans of making Japan a fully independent nation, decided to plot against Euphemia and cancel its establishment. He then attended the ceremony, planning to martyr himself by making Euphemia shoot him. But Euphemia refused and succesfully convinced Lelouch to support her instead.

Unfortunately, Lelouch accidentally used Geass on Euphemia and ordered her to kill all Japanese, which resulted in the Special Administrative Zone Massacre. As a result, the Special Zone was a failure.

Second Attempt Edit

One year later, Nunnally, being the new Viceroy of Area 11 upon her own request, declared the reestablishment of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. But unlike its first attempt, this idea was met by hostility from Elevens, who believe that it is another ploy to slaughter the Elevens once again. As a result, no Elevens end up registering.

Lelouch used this situation as an advantage to negotiate terms with Britannia. He (as Zero) agree to support the SAZ by sending one million Elevens to join the SAZ, while sending Zero into exile as a punishment for murdering Calares, which was agreed.

The next day, the declaration ceremony was held at Shizuoka ghetto, with the one million Elevens coming just as Zero promised, with Black Knights among the crowd. Lohmeyer makes announcement before the ceremony starts. She announces that every Eleven who committed crimes against the empire will have their punishment reduced, and as the terms agreed the day before, she also announces that Zero will be exiled.

However, since Zero's true identity never been revealed in public, no one knows which is the true 'Zero'. Lelouch uses this loophole to disguise the one million Elevens as 'Zeroes', and send them into exile, allowing them to leave unpunished. At first the Britannian army prepare themselves to shoot the crowd as they see it as an act of terrorism. But Suzaku, who preferred the more peaceful solution, orders them to stop and let the Elevens go, watching them as they go aboard an Iceberg Ship and and take refuge in the Chinese Federation. Subsequently, this renders the second attempt to establish the SAZ a failure.