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Shin Hyuga Shaing
Full Name Shin Hyuga Shaing

Age 24
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Indigo
Eye Color Green

Date of Birth a.t.b. 1993
Height 187 cm (6'2")
Weight n/a
Blood Type n/a
Zodiac Sign n/a
Nationality Japanese then Britannian
Known Relatives Shin's Father (Father)
Hyuga's Mother (Mother)
Akito Hyuga (Half-Brother)
Alice Shaing (Adoptive Sister/fianceé)
Maria Shaing (Adoptive Mother)
Additional Information
Title Grand Master of the Knights of St. Michael
Knight of St. Michael
Rank General
Occupation Grand Master
Knightmare Pilot
Military Officer
Knightmare Frames
Real World
First Appearance The Wyvern Arrives
Created by CLAMP
Takahiro Kimura
Voiced by Masaya Matsukaze (Japanese)
Junko Minagawa (young Shin)
Alessandro Zurla (Italian)
Other Information
See Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Shin Hyuga Shaing (シン・ヒュウガ・シャイング, Shin Hyūga Shaingu) is a Britannian knight and the leader of the Knights of St. Michael. Shin is a Geass user, but the exact specifications of his Geass ability are yet to be revealed. 

Personality Edit

On the outside, Shin is shown to be very honorable and kind individual but on the inside he is very twisted and power hungry that he will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way to power. He is shown to be very proud of himself in what he will achieve and do in order to achieve his goals.

Also shown in some flashbacks and when he talk to Akito, he had no remorse nor guilt on what happened to his family nor even love for his younger brother. However, he seems to be haunted by the deeds he have done as he kept seeing ghosts of his mother, Alice, Maria and Michele Manfredi and for a moment wanted to take his own life to be with them. It seems to some extent he regretted his actions.

However, at other times Shin seems to desire chaos and the destruction of the world as he knew.He is also very smart in his own right shown when he deduced that Julius Kingsley is Lelouch vi Britannia.

Character HistoryEdit


Shin activating his Geass.

When Shin uses his Geass on Lord Michele Manfredi, by giving him the command to "Take a Trip", he commits suicide.

It is revealed from flashbacks that he is Akito Hyuga's older brother who commanded him 'to die' by using his own Geass on him. It is unknown how Akito survived. According to Akito, they have been separated for 10 years and that the reason his brother wants to kill him is because they have the same blood running through them. Akito intends to return the favor and kill him.

Shin was apparently adopted into a noble Britannian family where he has a Britannian mother and younger sister, that he cares about.

Shin has proven to be very observant, as he deduced that Zero is still alive and is in fact Julius Kingsley himself after a single conversation with him. Specifically, he noticed the similarity between Zero's methods and the "Ark Fleet" plan Kingsley has put in motion against the E.U. Furthermore, he even figured out Kingsley is in reality the eleventh prince of Britannia after Julius muttered the name Nunnally. Shin also remarks that he and Suzaku are similar. He particularly mentions that Suzaku has darkness inside him, which seems to refer to how the latter killed his father during the attack on Japan that led to its annexation as Area 11, compared to Shin having killed his own parents as well.

This caused Suzaku to try and assassinate Shin but Jean Rowe and the Knights of St. Michael arrived to stop him. Although the White Knight overwhelmed them, Shin managed to make Suzaku surrender with Lelouch at gunpoint.

Later Shin and the Knight of St. Michael later gain the location of Castle Weisswolf and arrived to lay siege to it. Shin in the Vercingetorix overwhelmed the outer defences and past the minefield but was stopped by the fortified wall created by W-0. However, the other knights arrived and Klaus Warwick contacted them for a formal surrender with the condition of sparing the lives of the inhabitants. However, Shin later reveals his true agenda to Leila that he wants to cause open war between the 3 superpowers by nuking Pendragon along with Emperor Charles.

He then attempted to use his Geass on Lelia but her own Geass stopped him causing him severe pain. This caused an angered Shin to try and kill Lelia and Warwick but the arrival of the W-0 pilots stopped them. There Shin tried to make Akito kill Lelia with his Geass but her feelings for Akito won through where he took Lelia and escaped back to Castle Weisswolf.

Relationships: Edit

Alice Shaing Edit

It was shown that Shin loved his younger adopted sister. He can spoil her and give her every needs and wants. It turns out they were engaged.

Akito Hyuga Edit

Akito is his long lost estranged brother whom he despised. He wanted Akito dead but it is unknown the particular reason except that they are related by blood. He had a strong hold over his brother due to him (Akito) being Geassed. But in some point in their lives (Shown in one of the credit sequence pictures) that they were once close to each other like brothers do.


  • Shin's Seiyu Masaya Matsukaze also did Teru Mikami from Death Note which is also similar to Code Geass. Both Shin and Mikami have supernatural powers and often use their phrases that relates to erase or killing which are Die and Delete. Also Shin's relationship with Akito during their encounter parallels to that of Illumi and Killua in Hunter X Hunter as each older brother haunts their younger brother through haunting and reminding them of their past.
  • Shin Hyuga Shaing and Seishiro Sakurazuka from Tokyo Babylon and X are alike in terms of personality and character. Both are rivals to their respective characters from the series due to a tragic past and are fated to fight each other through supernatural means. They are cunning, sinister, and hiddenly motivated as well.
  • Shin and Lelouch are very similar. Both are from Britannia, both are cunning, hiddenly motivated, deceptive, and intelligent, the both have sisters, have Geass that influenced their enemy (Akito and Suzaku), and are leaders of their own respective groups. However, in terms of personality and ambition, Shin and Lelouch are very different. Although both Shin and Lelouch desire the destroy of Britannia, Shin's true motivation seems vague apart from having to do that he is Japanese by blood and seeks to bring the world into spontaneous global war and chaos. Lelouch seeks to obliterate the corrupt rule that Britannia stains with its unforgiving hands upon the world and create a peaceful world, in which the sins of the Holy Britannian Empire shall be rectified. In a way, Shin is the opposite of the coin as to what Lelouch could have been as Zero.
  • It is hinted throughout the movie series of Akito the Exiled, especially in the fourth movie, that he is mentally ill. There is even a moment where he almost succeeds in committing suicide after being persuaded by the hallucinations of his elder brother, real mother, and adaptive mother and sister, of whom he has killed by using his Geass upon them. This may be a unique side-effect that is caused by using his Geass.
  • Shin is however also different than Lelouch in the way they treat their blood siblings. Lelouch is portrayed as a kind loving brother that would do anything for his sister Nunnally. Shin however tries to kill his brother Akito because they share the same blood and has already succeeded in doing so using his Geass on his family.


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