Raymond San Jiru
Raymond de Saint-Gilles
Full Name Raymond de Saint-Gilles

Age n/a
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue

Date of Birth a.t.b. n/a
Date of Death a.t.b. July 2017
Nationality Britannian
Additional Information
Title Grand Master of the Knights of St. Uriel
Rank General
Occupation Knight
Grand Master
Real World
Voiced by Hikaru Miyata (Japanese)
Charlie Campbell (English)
Other Information
See Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Raymond du Saint-Gilles was the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Uriel. He was decapitated by the Knights of St. Michael, his head later displayed to Euro Britannian nobility.

Personality Edit

Raymond Du Saint-Gilles seems to be a calm man, even during pressuring situations.

Character Line Edit

Gallery Edit

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