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C.C. Image Song for the Code Geass OST.

Album / Collection: Code Geass Sound EpisodesTrack # 1

From Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Sound Episode 1

Vocals: YUKANA (C.C.) Lyrics, Music, Arrangement: Kuroishi Hitomi

Lyrics Edit

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation

Hitori sakyuu ni tatte
Furari ten wo aogeba
Yurari chihei ga yurete
The sky is crying

Alone, if I stand on a dune and
Aimlessly, gaze up at the heavens
Relaxedly, the ground level shakes, and
The sky is crying

Kimi wo yurushitanda
Ai wo kanjitanda
Dakedo hakanai inochi
Now you are dying

I forgave you
I felt love
But life is fleeting
Now you are dying

Mata hitotsu taisetsu na mono
 Kiekakete iru
 * Soredemo
   Namida ha koborenai
   Eien no ♥♥♥ to
   Hikikae ni ushinatta mono ha nan darou
   Kanashii to kokoro ga
   Sakendemo unmei no
   Mawaritsudzukeru asu no michi ha

 Yet another something precious to me
 Is about to disappear
 * Even so,
   I will spill no tears
   What was it that I have lost in exchange
   For eternal ♥♥♥?
   Even if my heart screams
   When I'm sad, the path to
   Tomorrow, which destiny keeps spinning around,
   Is unstoppable

 Kanjou koroshitanda
 Hyoujou kakushitanda
 Mujou kono yo ha subete
 I'm gonna miss you

 I killed my emotions
 I hid my expressions
 Heartlessness is everything to this world
 I'm gonna miss you

 Fureaeba setsunai omoi
 Kanjiru koto ga
 ** Namida ha koborenai
     Eien no ♥♥♥ to
     Kiesatte iku inochi no omosa onaji darou
     Jikuu wo koeru tabi
     Umarekawareru kara
     Futatabi deaeta nara kimi to
     Kitto wakaru

 Even if it's possible
 For me to feel painful emotions
 When we touch each other
 ** I will spill no tears
     The weight of a snuffed life is probably the same
     As eternal ♥♥♥
     Because I can be reincarnated
     Every time I go beyond time-space
     If we can meet a second time, I'm sure
     I'll know it's you

 * Repeat

 * Repeat

 ** Repeat

 Even so,
 ** Repeat

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