Purist Faction - Press Conference
Purist Faction
Leader(s) Jeremiah Gottwald
Historical Information
Dissolution a.t.b. April 2nd, 2017
Notable Members
Villetta Nu
Kewell Soresi
Real World
First Appearance The Day a New Demon was Born
Last Appearance Battle for Narita

The Purist Faction, also known as the Purebloods, are a Britannian political and military faction that opposes the system of honorary citizenship, claiming that neither Britannian society nor its military should be sullied by foreigners. They would also use underhanded means in order to support their system. The most notable example was of how Suzaku Kururugi was used as a scapegoat in regards to the murder of Prince Clovis; the trial was also rigged as fabricated evidence was used and actual evidence and testimonies to prove Suzaku's innocence were deemed inadmissible. Also, Suzaku was equipped with a torture device which prevented him from speaking.

Knightmares that are used by the Purebloods have red markings on them, and high-ranking members often wear a red winged pin on the lapel of their jackets.

The only known regiments of the Purists are the G.G.D.C.F. 5th Regiment, the "K" Powered Task Company, the Knightmare "B" Platoon, and Squad #733. The Sutherlands used by the Purist Faction are distinguised by their custom colors of the head and shoulders which have a maroon color. It also seems that their Sutherlands are among the few that use jousting lances for combat or ceremonial purposes and Stun Tonfas for close-quarters combat or self-defense, as seen when the Purists led by Kewell Soresi attempted to kill Jeremiah Gottwald at a stadium in the Shinjuku Ghetto. They are also seen during the Battle of Narita as reinforcements for Cornelia. However, because of the Purist Faction's tarnished name and reputation, they are placed as the rear guard. After Jeremiah heard of Zero being present, he charges in forcing the rest of the Purist Faction to follow. Most of the Purist Faction was defeated by Kallen and her Guren.

Leaders and MembersEdit

Leader/Member Image
Jeremiah Gottwald (Leader) - (Former) Jeremiah Gottwald
Villetta Nu (Member) - (Former) Villetta
Kewell Soresi (Member) - (Deceased) Kewell Soresi


All members of the Purist Faction had serial numbers:

  • Jeremiah Gottwald - Serial #: 4097112-5508
  • Kewell Soresi - Serial #: 5431023-5626
  • James.Z. Machlin - Serial #: 4097322-6784


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