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Pendragon (ペンドラゴン, Pendoragon) is the capital city of the Holy Britannian Empire. It was a city of lights that gleamed in the night sky. It never was attacked until one of the terrorist organizations called the Wings Of Talleyrand whose purpose is to oppose Britannian Law as to represent Britannia attacked after the first Black Rebellion ended up destroyed by the Glinda Knights. Pendragon as a result stayed safe only to get taken over by Lelouch in 2018. The city was destroyed by Schneizel el Britannia using a F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead from aboard Damocles. The majority of the Britannian Imperial Family reside in the district of the capital known as "Saint Darwin Street".

Emperor Charles resided in the "Pendragon Imperial Palace". This was also Lelouch's residence at the time of his own reign. Other residences in the capital include:

  • Belial Palace, where Nunnally vi Britannia stayed between 2017 and a.t.b. 2018;
  • Warwick Palace, the home of Clovis' mother, Gabriella la Britannia;
  • Imperial Villa at Aries (アリエスの離宮, Ariesu no Rikyū), the residence of Lelouch's mother prior to her death. Owing to his fond childhood memories of the beautiful aerial gardens at Aries, Clovis La Britannia later modeled the villa atop the Viceroy's Palace in Area 11 after it.
  • Exelica Garden, a garden inside the palace where Lelouch and Suzaku received notices from the rebellion led by the Knight of One.



  • On a map displayed on the Damocles, Pendragon appeared to be in southern Arizona, near the real-world city of Yuma. At the same time however, the surrounding landscape (mountains) seems to correspond more to Arizona's capital, Phoenix.
  • Pendragon was named after the surname of the legendary British Kings Uther and King Arthur.

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