Naoto Kōzuki
Full Name Naoto Stadtfeld
Aliases Naoto Kōzuki
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue

Date of Birth a.t.b. Unknown
Date of Death a.t.b. Some time before R1
Nationality Britannian-Japanese
Known Relatives Kallen Kōzuki (Sister)
Mrs. Kōzuki (Mother)
Additional Information
Title Leader of a Japanese Resistant Group
Rank Britannian Noble
Occupation Terrorist

Naoto Kozuki (紅月ナオト, Kouzuki Naoto) is the older brother of Kallen Kōzuki and a member of the Resistance forces intent on liberating Japan from Britannian rule.

Character OutlineEdit

He was killed before the start of the series, which spurred Kallen into taking up the fight against Britannia. Prior to his death, he was in charge of the Resistance cell being led by Kaname Ohgi at the start of the series, a position Ohgi took up due to his close friendship with Naoto. Within the series he is only seen in photographs together with Kallen, which Ohgi glances at while musing over his own perceived inability to be as good a leader as Naoto apparently was. He is also mentioned during the Black Rebellion, when Ohgi begged Kallen to follow Zero from the battle and guard him with her life, as he believed Zero was the one person capable of "realizing Naoto's dream".

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