Full Name Nagata

Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray

Date of Death a.t.b. August 15, 2017
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Potter (formerly)
Real World
First Appearance The Day a New Demon was Born
Last Appearance The Day a New Demon was Born
Created by CLAMP
Voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi (Japanese)
David Earnest (English)
Other Information
See Japanese Resistance

Nagata (永田) is a Japanese and was a member of Ohgi's Resistance Group.

Character Outline Edit

According to the commentary for "The Day a New Demon was Born", Nagata was a potter before he started fighting in the resistance; also, he was married to an unknown woman and had a daughter with her.

Character HistoryEdit

First SeasonEdit

Nagata driving the stolen truck

Nagata driving the stolen truck.

Nagata first appears along with Kallen driving a truck that they stole which is supposedly containing a capsule full of poison gas; however, the Britannian Military arrives to stop them. Kallen then uses a Glasgow in order to fight back against them; initially, she's able to defeat them until Jeremiah Gottwald appears. Nagata suggests that they split up to get a better chance of survival; however, Villetta Nu appears and
Nagata sacrificing himself

Nagata sacrificing himself.

tries to stop him. Nagata makes it in the underground, but is severely injured earlier from Villetta. In a dying attempt to stop Britannia, he activates a self-destruct function to destroy the truck along with the Britannian soldiers, unknowingly saving the life of Lelouch Lamperouge, who was about to be executed by them.
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