Colonel Madd

Madd (マッド, Maddo) is an unpleasant, male cyborg who is a Colonel in the Britannian Military. He serves as the Commander of the Irregulars which is also known as the Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion which employ the use of Numbers.


Madd is shown as a ruthless and ambitious man who only cares about himself. He also is not very loyal to the empire he serves, and shows disdain to the new regime because they took his research away from him. He makes a deal with an aforementioned regime to boost his rank in the new empire.

Character HistoryEdit


Madd captured by Lloyd

He and Lloyd seem to have a begrudging relationship with each other as he seems to have known Lloyd personally in the past, he is arguably one of the people responsible for the creation of the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame called the GX 01 series that is piloted by the Irregulars whom he personally leads. He made his first official appearance when he and his Irregulars are personally ordered by Governor Cornelia to try and save the Hostages during the incident at Lake Kawaguchi. When the Mark Nemo made an appearance to try to save as many hostages as possible even though Alpha lost the battle, Madd becomes obsessed about capturing the pilot of the Mark Nemo which he presumably identified as a Geass User. He later tries to capture the pilot during the disaster at Saitama Ghetto but the pilot and Mark Nemo manage to escape. Eventually he successfully captured the pilot during the Battle of Narita but after a brief research with Nunnally he was forced to surrender his research subject to the Inquisitor and is last seen trying to make a deal with new Eden Vital Empire by offering Nunnally but he was captured by the resistance and was interrogated by his colleague Lloyd, what happen to Madd after that is unknown.


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