MR1 unfold

Technical Specifications


Holy Britannian Empire




Known Pilots

Kaname Ohgi
Gino Weinberg

The MR-1 is a basic non-combat Knightmare that can fold itself into a more compact form.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

Being a non-combat Knightmare, the MR-1 does not have any offensive weapons except for the two chest-mounted Slash Harkens. The only other features it possesses is the Landspinner Propulsion System and a Cockpit Ejection System. However, just like the Ganymede, the MR-1 was used for a basis for the upcoming generation of knightmares.

Operational HistoryEdit

A white-and-black MR-1 was used by the Black Knights in the rescue of Suzaku Kururugi during the first season. It was piloted by Ohgi, but was destroyed by Kewell Soresi. In the second season, a purple-and-yellow model is used by Ashford Academy instead of the Ganymede. During the festival honoring Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi, a second attempt was under way to make the world's largest pizza; the MR-1, intended to be piloted by Suzaku, is commandeered by Gino Weinberg. The pizza is again ruined when Lelouch activates the fire extinguishers to hide C.C.'s presence.


General Characteristics

Design Features



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