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Leila Malkal
Leila Malkal
Full Name Leila Malkal

Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Light Purple

Date of Birth a.t.b. December 17, 2000
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Nationality Britannian
Known Relatives Stephan Malkal (Adoptive Brother)
Daniel Malkal (Adoptive Brother)
Johann Malkal (Adoptive Brother)(Fiancé)
Britannian Parents (Birth parents)(Deceased)
Additional Information
Title Commander of W-0
Adjutant (Formerly)
Rank Aristocrat
Lieutenant Colonel
Major (Formerly)
Occupation Commander
Adjutant (Formerly)
Military Officer
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames
Alexander Type-02
Real World
First Appearance The Wyvern Arrives (episode)
Last Appearance From Memories of Hatred
Created by CLAMP
Takahiro Kimura
Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)
Emanuela Pacotto (Italian)
Other Information
See Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Leila Malkal (レイラ・マルカル, Reira Marukaru) is the secondary protagonist of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled besides Akito. Leila comes from a family of former Britannian aristocrats and she is a military officer in the E.U. Army. She works under Gene Smilas and is Akito Hyuga's superior and the Commander of the W-0 Unit comprised of Japanese teenagers who recklessly plunge into a battlefield where the survival rate is extremely low. They fight for their freedom, so that they can have a country that they can return to that feels like “home”. Thus begins their fight against the adult world.

Appearance Edit

She has very long blonde hair and light purple eyes. She often wears her military uniform.

Character OutlineEdit

Leila Malkal is the daughter of a Britannian noble family that disagreed with the dated system of rule in the empire, which made them defect to the E.U. as exiles. Born in Europe, Leila was adopted by the Malkal family after the deaths of her parents. She became a Major in the E.U. Army and originally served as an adjutant to Commander Anou in the W-0 Unit. Leila planned the military operation known as Operation Alpha with the objective of rescuing the surrounded 132nd Regiment in Narva. However, Leila confronted Anou over his last minute decision to use Japanese youngsters for suicide attacks and finally removed Anou from his command position. After the success of the operation, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by General Smilas and given direct command of the W-0 Unit.


Leila about to activate her Geass.

In the first episode, it was directly implied that she may have a Geass power during the sequence where she stood up to her commanding officer. The specifics of this ability currently remain unknown. Later it was confirmed in the official guidebook of Akito the Exiled episode 2 C.C.'s story manga showing her getting Geass from C.C. at a young age saying that she wants to end the status quo.

Character History Edit

Quotes Edit

"I want the power to live on my own."


  • "Leila" is a widely renowned Arabic and Hebrew female name stemming from Semitic roots meaning "night". Alternatively, it can mean "born at night" or "dark beauty".
  • "Malkal" could refer to the Malkals, a major ethnic group residing in the Tikrai Valley in Pakistan. The name "Malkal" or "Malkaal" itself is derived from the fusion of two Arabic terms: "Malik" (A King/ One who rules) and "Aal" (family of), thus "Family of the King" or "Family of the one who rules". This makes sense given that Geass is considered "the Power of the Kings" and Leila possesses a Geass.
  • Leila Malkal's Seiyuu Maaya Sakomoto also did Tomoyo Daidouji from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
  • Leila's relationship with Akito can be compared to the likes of Aina Sahalin, Nina Purpleton, and Selene Mcgriff from the Gundam universe.
  • Leila's character design resembles Primera from Clamp's Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


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