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Emblem of Knights of St. Michael
Knights of St. Michael
Leader(s) Shin Hyuga Shing
Michele Manfredi (Former)
Headquarters Istanbul
Historical Information
Dissolution a.t.b. December 2017
Real World
First Appearance The Wyvern Arrives

The Knights of St. Michael is one of the four chivalric orders of the Euro Britannia under the command of Grand Master Shin Hyuga Shing after killing the previous leader, Michele Manfredi.

One of their military units is the Ashley Strike Force, composed of seven regular members and led by Ashley Ashura, which was deployed to fight the W-0 squad of the E.U. during the battle of Slonim.  

After losing their initial advantage, Grand Master Shin Hyuga Shing and Jean Rowe intervened and disrupted the EU's bloodlust. The knights then rallied and disabled the rest of the W-0 Alexanders. Despite the victory, they were forced to withdraw on the arrival of European reinforcements.

Their color scheme seems to be primarily red with white and gold.

Ashley's Strike Force "Asura Team" MembersEdit

Chara asura02

Ashley's Unit

St. Michael's Three SwordmastersEdit

  • Brondello (Voiced by Ryōta Takeuchi)
  • Doré (Voiced by Jun'ichi Yanagita)
  • Scholtz (Voiced by Kōichi Sōma)

Jean's UnitEdit

Beyond the aforementioned members, Jean Rowe appeared to lead a squad that personally served Shin. However, all members of the squad (except Jean) were savagely murdered by Suzaku Kururugi in an attempt to avoid Julius Kingsley's true identity from becoming exposed.

Knightmare FramesEdit


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