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Klaus Warwick
Klaus Warwick
Full Name Klaus Warwick

Age n/a
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Blue

Date of Birth a.t.b. n/a
Height 189cm
Weight n/a
Blood Type n/a
Nationality n/a
Known Relatives n/a
Additional Information
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Occupation Aide-de-camp
Military Officer
Britannian Spy
Real World
First Appearance The Wyvern Arrives (episode)
Created by CLAMP
Takahiro Kimura
Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara
Other Information
See Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Klaus Warwick (クラウス・ウォリック, Kurausu Uorikku) is Leila Malkal's aide-de-camp in the E.U. military's Special Forces Unit "W-0." It is implied that he has a child but is in bad relations with his wife. Later he was revealed to be a Britannian spy all along as he has been shown transmitting information to the Britannians.


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