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Julius Kingsley
Full Name Julius Kingsley
Nicknames n/a

Gender Male
Hair Color Light Black
Eye Color Violet

Date of Death a.t.b. n/a
Nationality Britannian
Additional Information
Rank Military Advisor
Occupation Military Advisor
Real World
Voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
Massimiliano Alto (Italian)

Julius Kingsley is a Britannian military advisor deployed to St. Petersburg in order to take charge of the operational planning for the war effort being carried out by the forces of Euro Britannia against the E.U. He was escorted by Suzaku Kururugi during his travel to Europe on a special train.

Character OutlineEdit

A young man with a striking resemblance to Lelouch vi Britannia, whose left eye is covered with an eye-patch for unknown reasons. Julius Kinsgley has a large amount of self-confidence that he channels through grandiose displays of flamboyant arrogance. He is first introduced clutching his right eye while begging for Suzaku to give him water, who then glares at him in disgust. In his second appearance upon arriving in St. Petersburg, Kingsley proudly declares that the Emperor has placed him in charge of all the eastern front operational planning for Britannia's military.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting that Julius Kingsley may actually be  Lelouch vi Britannia. They have the same appearance and voice, a similar personality, an eyepatch over the same eye where Lelouch has his Geass, and the same ability to provoke disgust from Suzaku. Furthermore, his introduction takes place right around the time when Lelouch had been brainwashed by Charles zi Britannia.

It has been speculated by some fans that Julius may also be Lelouch's twin brother or some other type of clone kept secret by the Emperor, possibly based on the non-canon twin Rolo Vi Britannia from the Nightmare of Nunnally alternate universe manga.


  • Julius' outfit is similar to Kamui and Subaru's from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. 
  • Julius Bears a Striking resemblance to Lelouch Where the eyepatch covers his left eye which is he eye that Lelouch's Geass Manifested At first. As the show takes place while Lelouch loses memory.



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