Joseph Fenette
Joseph Fenette
Full Name: Joseph Fenette

Age: 45
Status: Deceased (TV Series)

Unknown (Movies)

Gender: Male

Birth Date: a.t.b. 1972
Death Date: a.t.b. April 2, 2017 (TV series)
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Shirley Fenette (Daughter)
Real World
Voiced By: Ken Narita (Japanese)
John DeMita (English)
Other Info:
See Holy Britannian Empire
Joseph Fenette (ジョセフ フェネット, Josefu Fenetto) (1972-2017) was the father of Shirley Fenette, one of Lelouch's classmates in the series, Joseph Fenette was the only character in the Code Geass series to never make a live appearance. In fact, he is only shown through media like television, or through flashbacks.


Though it is never shown in the series, he seems to be a caring and loving father toward his daughter and wife.

Character HistoryEdit

When Shirley was still a young girl, she innocently said that she wanted to "marry" her father, but he told her that one day she will find another man that she will love and that would make him happy.

During the hostage crisis at Lake Kawaguchi, he criticized the terrorists on live television and pleaded for them to release his daughter immediately. 

He is unknowingly killed by Kallen Kozuki in the landslide of the Battle of Narita. His death caused great sorrow for his family, so much that during his funeral, when a man is filling up his grave, his wife has an emotional breakdown, telling them that she doesn't want her husband to be buried again, implying that she had a great relationship with her husband when he was still alive. His death also caused Shirley to kiss Lelouch for the first time during her depression, while also provoking her to blame Zero for his death.

The movie trilogy makes no mention of his death, along with Shirley not pursuing Zero for it. This might imply that he survives in the movies.