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Suzaku is a prime example of an Honorary Britannian.

An Honorary Britannians are the Numbers who vowed their loyalty to Holy Britannian Empire. All non-Britannians living in Britannia-conquered areas are allowed to accept honorary Britannian citizenship, as long as they are willing to serve and loyal to the Empire. Honorary Britannians are legally almost identical to ethnic Britannians, earned special privileges, allowed to live in wealthy cities and are equal to Britannians, but socially they are not free from discrimination considering their racial background. While those who doesn't want to serve the Empire become Numbers, barred from living in wealthy cities and are legally discriminated.

Honorary Britannians are sometimes employed by the Britannian Army as separate divisions, and are usually employed for menial warfare such as hunting down rebels in less favorable conditions, Suzaku Kururugi is the first and only Honorary Britannian to become a knight and the only non-Britannian in the Knights of the Round. Another Honorary Britannian is possibly Shin Hyuga Shaing who is the leader of Knights of St. Michael in Euro Britannia.

Opposing this system are the Blood-Purist Faction, who seeks to abolish the system and eliminate all non-Britannians from within the military.

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