Guren Mk-II Kai


Technical Specifications


Militarized Zone of India




Known Pilots

Kallen Kōzuki

The Guren Mk-II Kai is a seventh generation Knightmare Frame featured in the Code Geass DS video game. The Kai is an upgrade of the Guren Mk-II and is equipped with an enhanced Radiant Wave Surger as well as a new color scheme. The Kai is also piloted by Kallen Kōzuki.

Design and DevelopmentEdit

The Guren Mk-II Kai is similar to the Guren, but with an enhanced Radiant Wave Surger capable of firing it as a Slash Harken to reach further enemies. By grabbing onto an enemy Knightmare and activating the emitter, the Guren Mk-II Kai can fry the enemy's electronics and warp the frame itself, not only rendering the unfortunate machine completely unsalvageable, but often damaging the pilot's ejection system, usually ensuring that the pilot will perish with his craft. While not designed as such, the Radiant Wave Surger can also function as a shield. The Guren Mk-II Kai replaces it's custom hand gun with an attached fork knife and it retains it's single Slash Harken.

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