Glinda Knights-Emblem
Glinda Knights
Leader(s) Marrybell mel Britannia
Historical Information
Founding a.t.b. 2017
Notable Members
Johann Schwarzer

Oldrin Zevon
Leonhardt Steiner
Sokkia Sherpa
Tink Lockhart
Toto Thompson
Marika Soresi
Elicia Markor
Eris Kschessinskaya
Marcil Malakhov
Domenichino Della

Other Information
See Code Geass: Oz the Reflection

The Glinda Knights (グリンダ騎士, Gurinda Kishi) are an anti-terrorism search-and-destroy armor unit within the Britannian Military. They were formed by the 88th Imperial Princess Marrybell mel Britannia soon after the end of the Black Rebellion in Area 11, and have been given the mission of suppressing terrorism throughout the controlled territories of the Holy Britannian Empire. All of its Knightmare pilots are ace pilots that utilize experimental frames that have been upgraded from regular frames.

At some point, the unit is eventually expanded, and becomes the Great Glinda Knights, and has multiple divisions, such as the Airborne Knight Division led by Leonhardt, and the Heavy Artillery Unit led by Tink, and Marrybell's personal elite unit, the Riddel Knights, a group of 88 that use Vincents. After the battle with the Star of Madrid, Knight of Nine Nonette Enneagram also joins with them in order to keep tabs on Marrybell at the request of Kanon.



Tactical Adviser

Head Knight


KMF Operator

Tactical Operator

Interior Ship Operator

Head Mechanic

  • Marcil Malakhov (マーシル・マラーホフ, Марсил Малахов)

Technical Adviser


  • 210 members (maximum ship capacity of 315)

(*Note: The translations of these indicated names are still uncertain.)

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