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Gene Smilas
Full Name Gene Smilas

Age n/a
Gender Male
Hair Color Greyish Green
Eye Color Grey

Date of Birth a.t.b. n/a
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Blood Type n/a
Nationality European
Known Relatives n/a
Additional Information
Title General of the European Union
Rank General
Occupation General
Real World
First Appearance The Wyvern Has Landed
Created by CLAMP
Takahiro Kimura
Voiced by Unshou Ishizuka
Other Information
See Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Gene Smilas (ジィーン・スマイラス, Jiīn Sumairasu) is a general of the E.U. Army.


  • The name "Smilas" is of Greek origin.


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