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Dash (ダッシュ, Dasshu) is a new and mysterious character from the manga Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya and he seems to be the antagonist of the series, although his intentions remain unknown.


His appearance is exactly like Lelouch but with much longer hair, a bit more slanted eyes, and is seemingly older. His eyes are purple, and his hair is black. He normally is seen wearing an elegant armor from his own.


Normally he is seen to be a very calm person, who usually sits and read his book. He reveals that he doesn't like fighting, and prefers that his comrades get along with each other. Most of the time, he is indifferent towards his allies, and he rarely shows any emotion. So far, he is interested in both Claire le Britannia and her pendant for unknown reasons. He considers Renya, CC, Andreas and the others as enemies.

Character historyEdit

He was briefly shown with the Geass in both of his eyes when Renya was gaining the curse, later on, he was mentioned by CC, in which she said to herself that he was getting 'serious'. He is firstly seen checking an old painting which shows Claire's pendant, which indicates that he is searching for it. Later on, in an unknown castle, he is seen sitting and reading his book, while he talks to his comrades about the being who moves along with the princess, and how to get rid of it. He reveals that he doesn't like fighting.

It's shown in chapter 13, that he has killed Renya 's father several years ago.



Dash is shown to have a Geass in both eyes and, in chapter 19, stated that it seemed that his Geass' power appears to be something related to brain structure.

Knightmare CreationEdit

Dash is noted to be the person who is able to create Knightmares, although it is still not completely clear if he creates them through his Geass or if he combines his Geass' power with something else to accomplish it. One example of his Geass is him turning Talia into a knightmare.



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