Continued Story is an Insert Song near the Ending of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 episode 25 .

Album / Collection: Code Geass R2 Original Soundtrack 2 Track # 30

Vocals: Hitomi Lyrics & Music: Kuroishi Hitomi

Lyrics Edit

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Sono hitotsubu no shizuku de sae mo
Hana wo mamoru ka mo shirenai
Sono waraigao tada sore dake de
Sashinoberu te ni mo nareru
Sono furueteru koe atsumereba
Kaze wo okosu ka mo shirenai
Sono inochi to iu hakanaki akari
Tomoshite ashi wo susumeyou
With even a single drop of your water
I might be able to protect the flowers
Simply by showing me your smile, just with that
I'll even come to be able to offer my hand
If I gather up your trembling voices
I might cause the wind to blow
Turn on the ephemeral light that is
Your life, and let's move along our way
* Rararararararararan
  Itsuka mata aou
  Ikiteru kagiri
* Lala lala lalalala la
  Let us meet again someday
  Lala lala lalalala la
  As long as we're alive
Toki wo koe toraerareteru
Afureru kono omoi ha nani?
Yasashisa ga mejiri ni niau
Ano hito-tachi ha ima doko ni iru no?
What is this overflowing emotion
That can cross over time and capture me?
Where now are those people to whom
Gentleness suits the corners of their eyes?
Tonari ni ha atarashii seki
Mirai no tame ni mata deau
There is a new seat next to me
We will meet again for the sake of the future
Kazaranai mama dekiru dake
Ikite miyou kyou to iu hi
Kanashikute hito ha setsunai
Soredemo dokomademo michi ha tsudzuku
I can just do it while unadorned
Let's try to live through this day
When they're sad, people are in pain
But even so, the path will go on forever
* Repeat
* Repeat
** Rararararararararan
    Kaze ga hakobu mono
    Asu wo hiraku merodi
** Lala lala lalalala la
    The wind will carry along
    Lala lala lalalala la
    A melody that opens up tomorrow
* Repeat
** Repeat
* Repeat
** Repeat

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