Mark Nemo Alice

Code Geass

Alice Knightmare

Code Geass after purging its armor.

The Code Geass is Alice's Knightmare Frame only appearing in the spin-off series Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. It makes its first appearance after Alice makes a deal with Nemo, giving her access to this Knightmare. It generally resembles the Mark Nemo albeit with a slimmer physique, a more feminine figure, and a pair of horns. It retains the Mark Nemo's Blonde Knives and is able to generate balls of energy with highly destructive properties. After purging its outer armor in a battle with Rolo's Vincent, the inner frame is revealed disturbingly to resemble a human female. It later takes Nunnally and Alice to Kamine Island to discover the true nature of Eden Vital.

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