Technical Specifications


Militarized Zone of India




Known Pilots

Xu Lifeng

The Chu Yen (朱厭, Zhu Yan (Shuen)) is a mass produced Knightmare Frame based off of the Shen Hu.

Design and Specifications Edit

The Chu Yen was created by the Militarized Zone of India based off of the Shen Hu for mass production. Since the base machine was too high spec for ordinary pilots, this version was toned down overall, but is still more than a match for other Knightmare of the time, such as the Vincent Gram. The chest-mounted particles cannon was also omitted from this design.

In addition, the known pilot, Xu Lifeng, is skilled kung fu, and was able to make use of the machine's agile movements and close combat capabilities

Specifications Edit

Chu Yen
General Characteristics

Design Features


Trivia Edit

  • Chu Yen is taken from the monster transmitted to China.
  • The design of the Chu Yen is based of of Son Wukong the Monkey King, the hero of the tale Journey to the West.

Gallery Edit

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