C.C. drug counter

C.C. Cell Control Drug Counter is injected into the Devicer

The C.C Cell Control Drug Counter only appears in Nightmare of Nunnally and it is probably the most sinister device ever made by the Britannian Military. It is used primarily by the Irregulars as a last resort in order to defeat the enemy.


The C.C. Cell contains the DNA of C.C. so that the Irregulars can use the full potential of their Geass. However, this cost their short life span to be further more reduced. The drug seems to be installed to all Irregulas GX 01 but only Alice's Knightmare Frame is seen to have used it in the manga. The drug has a time limit of 120 seconds. When the timer reaches zero the limiter will administer the antidote, saving the Devicer's life in time.


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