Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion
Founder(s) Clovis la Britannia
Leader(s) Madd
Headquarters Area 11
Notable Members
Mao (formerly)

The Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion is an Irregular team founded by Clovis la Britannia and led by Colonel Madd. Like other Irregular units, It has been given an autonomy outside of the Jurisdiction of the Britannian Military. The Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion team was responsible for the creation of the seventh generation GX-series of Knightmare Frames.

Leader and MembersEdit

Leader/Member Image
Madd (Commander) Colonel madd
Sancia (Captain) Sancia
Alice (Knightmare Pilot/Special Agent) Alicecolor
Dalque (Knightmare Pilot) Dalque
Lucretia (Knightmare Pilot) Lucretia
Mao (Knightmare Pilot) Code-geass-nightmare-of-nunnally-Mao the refrain

Knightmare FramesEdit


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