Britannian Police Force
The Britannian police apprehending a suspect
Britannian Police Force
Leader(s) Police Chief
Locations Britannia

The Britannian Police Force seems to have the same function as a regular police force and that it is to serve and protect the citizens of the Holy Britannian Empire. It is not known if they actually did the same thing to the Numbers, the Britannian Police Force is seen to be involved with a Refrain Dealer in the episode Refrain. It is not shown if some of the police force or most of it are involved in the distribution of Refrain if not made clear. The Britannian Police Force seems to possess equipment that is virtually the same as a real world police force with the exception that they use a VTOL gunship to replace the Helicopter and they also have an elite paramilitary unit that utilize the Knight Police Knightmare Frame. Service pistols also apparently have no laser attachments, which makes them look like revolvers.


  • Britannian police VTOLs tend to identify with a phonetic letter designation (one otherwise based on the real life NATO alphabet) followed by a number. Examples include 'Alpha-3' at the beginning of the first episode and 'Echo-3' at 21:05 in R1 Episode 15.