Britannian Destroyer

Britannian Navy

Britannian Destroyer




Britannian Navy


Holy Britannian Empire


Deck mounted Cannon
Vertical missile system

Technology & Combat CharasteristicEdit

Britannian Destroyers, may have been modelled on the real-world Type 45 Destroyer. No class-name or ship names are given. Its armament includes a deck-mounted cannon and a vertical missile system, which can fire Asroc, though it may include missiles of other types. Behind the ship there's a helicopter landing pad.


It was used alongside the Carrier class during the mission to Fukuoka Base to serve as a support role for Cornelia led taskforce, but heavy tempest during the mission halt her forces.

In 2018, during a war with the Europia United the Destroyers bombard the shore of an European coast. Providing cover for Suzaku to attack the defending European forces.


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