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Euphie's Massacre
Stage 22
"Bloodstained Euphie"
Original Air Date March 22, 2007
English Air Date October 5, 2008
Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi
Directed by Makoto Baba
Episode Chronology
Declaration at the School Festival At Least with Sorrow

Bloodstained Euphie is the twenty-second episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.


During the commemoration ceremony for the Specially Administrated ZoneLelouch and Euphemia privately discuss Japan's future. She convinces him, and Lelouch summarily halts his rebellion, until he suddenly loses control of his Geass while jokingly telling her to kill all the Japanese. The Geass-influenced Euphemia orders a bloody massacre of the people attending the ceremony. Blaming himself, a resolute Lelouch decides to salvage the situation by declaring Euphemia's Specially Administrated Zone a trap to lure out the Black Knights, and commands his troops to defeat the Britannian forces, protect the Japanese, and stop Euphemia.


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Knightmare Frames in Order of AppearanceEdit


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  • "Unlike the Black Knights there is no risk in signing up for the Japan special zone." -Diethard
  • "What's wrong sir nobleman? Confusing borrowed power with your own ability is a big mistake you know. Garbage like you should simply die and be thrown out where no one..." -Lelouch interrupted by his own Geass
  • Conversation between Lelouch and Euphemia
    • "Euphy you are a fool. An amazing fool." -Lelouch
    • "I know I'm not as smart as you Lelouch. I've never been able to beat you at games or studies, however..." -Euphemia
    • "However, in your usual rash Euphy fashion you've managed to end up winning all of it. When I think of you I don't visualize a sub-viceroy or a princess. I only see the plain little Euphy who you used to be." -Lelouch
    • "Then will you join plain little Euphy and help her?" -Euphy
    • "You are, you are the worst opponent I have ever faced. You win. I'll amend my plans to help out your special zone. But, not as your subordinate all right?" -Lelouch
    • "All right. Though you haven't got very much faith in me have you? Did you honestly believe that by simply threatening me I would shoot you?" -Euphemia
    • "Oh no you've got it all wrong. When I really want people to follow my orders they will not resist me. Whether it's to shoot me, to grant pardon to Suzaku, or any order at all." -Lelouch
    • "Oh now you're being silly. Stop playing with me." -Euphemia
    • "I'm serious for example if I told you to kill all the Japanese it wouldn't matter how you felt about it." -Lelouch
    • "No! Don't make me do it please. I'm not... I'm not going to do it please! I don't want to kill them. No!" -Euphemia
    • "Did I?" -Lelouch
    • "You're right. I have to kill all the Japanese." -Euphemia
    • "I've become like Mao. I can't control my Geass power!" -Lelouch
  • "Those of you who call yourselves Japanese I have a favor to ask. Could you all die please? Um, I was hoping you would all just commit suicide but you can't can you? OK soldiers please kill the Japanese. Kill them all" -Euphemia
  • "Right in this case our only option is to exploit Euphemia to the utmost. It's the least we can do. This is my order to all Black Knights, Euphemia has become our enemy. The Specially Administrated Zone of Japan is a cowardly trap designed to lure us in. All armored autonomous battle knight units; advance on the ceremony grounds and wage an attack. Save the Japanese! Hurry!" -Lelouch
  • "Who is the one responsible for creating this situation? Who is the one to bear the sin for this grotesque tragedy? Who is the one craving for this battle? And who is the one who possesses the world? Yes I understand. But even so..." -Lelouch (Preview for the next episode)

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