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Ashford Academy
Ashford Academy
Location Area 11
Primary User Holy Britannian Empire
Real World
Appears in The Day a New Demon was Born
Other Information
Ashford Insignia

Ashford Academy (アッシュフォード学園 Asshufōdo Gakuen) is a Britannian private academy in the former Britannian settlement in the United States of Japan (formerly Area 11), established, owned and operated by the Ashford Foundation (アッシュフォード財団 Asshufōdo Zaidan), a philanthropic organization involved predominantly in the supply of educational services, founded by the formerly noble Ashford House. Unbeknownst to most, it is attended by Lelouch and Nunnally, who, owing to their mother's past relationship with the Ashfords, have been granted free residence within the campus's Student Government Clubhouse. In the manga, it is implied that the academy itself was once Japanese owned and operated.

The school is large and extravagant, having even its own chapel, and run primarily by the student body president, Milly Ashford. Milly's reign is such that the school is frequently thrown into chaotic competitions or festivals for little or no reason. The headmaster is her grandfather, Ruben K. Ashford.[1]

Ashford Academy - Pool Area

The Ashford Academy's swimming pool

It served as a battlefield during the Black Rebellion, when the the Black Knights made it their headquarters as well as a timeskip, and during the hostage-taking of the U.F.N. representatives one year later.

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion manga the Ashford Academy in the manga is more different than in the anime series, the one main difference is that even Eleven or Japanese can enroll in the Academy and receive the same education as the Britannian students but they are not free from discrimination and persecution by the other Britannian students such as the proclaimed Student Self-Defense Force. The Eleven Students also complain that the Teacher is discriminating against them because the history textbooks is "wrong" because they say it does not reflect the true history of Japan.

List of Ashford Academy's Student CouncilEdit

Ashford Academy's Student Council

Ashford Academy Minor CharactersEdit

Season R1 Edit

Season R2Edit

  • Eric Kaufman: Wind Music Group
  • Stephan Kliegel: Horticulture Club
  • Erich Cleitman: Libary Committee
  • Miya I. Hillmick: Swimclub member


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