Arekusa Narisuna

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Technical Specifications


Anna Clement
Europia United
Rakshata (Modified)




Known Pilots


The Arekusa Narisuna is a variant of the Alexander which is modified by Rakshata and piloted by Gassan.

Design and Specifications Edit

The Arekusa Narisuna was built from parts of a salvaged Alexander that had been provided to Rakshata from a source in Britannia. However, there were not enough salvaged parts included, and so the arms of the remains of the Gekka Narisuna were used as replacements.

Like the standard Alexander series, the Arekusa Narisuna retains the Insect Mode which gives it great mobility and agility. When in Insect Mode, it wields its sword and bazooka in the sub-arms from the cockpit.

Specifications Edit

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General Characteristics

Design Features


Gallery Edit

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